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Rutan & Tucker, LLP


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About Us

Rutan & Tucker has long been a leader in representing and advocating for members of the home building industry throughout California.

Rutan’s lawyers have widely-recognized expertise in all areas of development (residential, commercial, industrial, public and institutional), including land use, CEQA and environmental law, transactions, construction, municipal and administrative law.

Rutan’s lawyers are widely known as among the best and most effective attorneys in California. Rutan is distinguished by its commitment to excellence, client-driven service, and value which enables the firm to meet the challenge of obtaining the desired results at the best possible cost.

Rutan’s roots trace back to 1906, and the firm represents many cities and other public agencies as well as a wide range of private sector clients, with offices in Northern and Southern California. Rutan has offices in Costa Mesa, California and also Palo Alto, California.

Please free to contact one of our partners in the home building industry:
David P. Lanferman, Partner - Government & Regulatory Law, Palo Alto. T: (650) 320-1507 or email at

John A. Ramirez, Partner - Government & Regulatory Law, Orange County. T: (714) 662-4610 or email at

Matthew Francois, Partner - Government & Regulatory Law, Palo Alto. T: (650) 798-5669 or email at

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